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Support PEP instrument IDs outside SPICE range

Benoit Seignovert requested to merge 12-pep-instrument-id into main

Some JUICE PEP instruments do not follow NAIF instrument code:

NAIF instrument code = (s/c code)*(1000) - instrument number

which for JUICE (s/c code = -28) should range between -28,001 and -28,999, when PEP instrument kernel ik/juice_pep_v09.ti, defines its IDs:

      Name                       ID      
      -------------------------  --------
      JUICE_PEP_JNA                -28520
      JUICE_PEP_JDC                -28510
      JUICE_PEP_JEI                -28540
      JUICE_PEP_JEI_NN_M         -28520NN

This issue leads to a error in the determination of the parent space spacecraft code (equal to -285 or -285[1-3] instead of -28).

As mention in #12 (closed), we highly recommend to change these values in the instrument kernel to be SPICE compliant to ensure the compatibility of the PEP instruments with all the SPICE base tools.

In the meantime, we will provide a temporary fix with a DepreciationWarning message for the JUICE_PEP_* instrument to be manually related to the JUICE spacecraft inside the tool.

Closes #12 (closed)

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