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Add CITATION.cff file

Benoit Seignovert requested to merge migrate-to-citation-cff into main

Closes #70 (closed).

  • Add CITATION.cff file to the root of the project.

Important note

At the moment, the conversion from CITATION.cff to metacode.json and planetary-coverage.bib can not be performed with cffconvert. To many fields are missing in cff file format. We recommend to keep all the 3 files for now.


  • Update bump2version configuration to include CITATION.cff.
  • Bump swh-id for the latest release.
  • Bump spiceypy dependency to 6.0.0
  • Bump Pillow dependency to 10.0.0
  • Bump dependencies to the latest version (except flake8-isort due to pkg_resources error, reported into gforcada/flake8-isort#141)
  • Upgrade poetry dependency to 1.6.
  • Fix Numpy depreciation warning
Edited by Benoit Seignovert

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