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Add support for SpiceRef associated reference frame

Benoit Seignovert requested to merge 63-spiceref-frame into main

Add new .frame property to all SpiceRef objects:

>>> SpiceRef('Jupiter Barycenter').frame  # SpiceRef from toolkit

>>> SpiceRef('JUPITER').frame  # SpiceBody

>>> SpiceRef('JUICE').frame  # SpiceSpacecraft

>>> SpiceRef('JUICE_JANUS')  # SpiceInstrument

>>> SpiceRef('JUICE_JUP_AMALTHEA_RING').frame  # SpiceRef from frame kernel (fk/

See docs.


  • Change of ESA SPICE bitbucket url API endpoint
  • Upgrade pytest-cov test dependency.

Closes #63 (closed) and #61 (closed).

Edited by Benoit Seignovert

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