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Improve kernel management

Benoit Seignovert requested to merge kernel-managment-improvements into main


  • New kernel-download/mk-download command line interfaces are available to simplify kernel downloads:
kernel-download --esa JUICE mk/

mk-download --kernel-dir /data/kernels/ mk/

More info here. Close #53 (closed).

  • New .add_kernel() method on TourConfig and Trajectory to append new kernel(s) to new objects:
new_tour = tour.add_kernel('')

new_traj = traj.add_kernel('', 'new.ti')

Supports for multiple kernels inputs is also implemented. Close #57 (closed). Example of this new method will be available in #56 (closed) to illustrate the use of switch frames.


  • TourConfig default mk is no longer related to JUICE CReMA 5.0 and set to None:
TourConfig(kernels=['kernel_1.lts', '', ...])  # `mk=None` is no longer required
  • Kernel(s) in TourConfig can be appended with python set() or generator:
TourConfig(kernels={'kernel_1.lts', '', ...})  # Warning: python set don't keep ordering.

  • Replace docs/ and examples/ JUICE events resources from FTP to HTTPS.


  • Downloads in metakernel with duplicated kernels is now fixed. Close #51 (closed).
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