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Poetry migration

Benoit Seignovert requested to merge poetry-migration into main

Close #50 (closed)

  • Add pyproject.toml
  • Move the source files to a src/ folder
  • Remove, setup.cfg and
  • Release pinned-version dependencies
  • Upgrade dependencies versions
  • Update local dev install recommendations to use Poetry.
  • Update gitlab-ci.yml, .readthedocs.yaml and docs/makefile for Poetry config.
  • Update docs examples and pin JUICE version to v300 (to avoid #51 (closed) issue).
  • Improve installation document section (#50 (closed))
  • SpicePool coverage windows are evaluated per-file and not per-window.
  • Add a script to trim ck and spk kernels files used in the docs.
  • Bump JUICE SKD version (v320_20220725_001) in the tests.
  • Fix colorbar ticks with the latest version of matplotlib (3.5.2) reported in !18 (merged) .
  • Migrate to spiceypy 5.1.1 (to fix Apple Silicon issue).
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