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Add instrument pixel scale property

Benoit Seignovert requested to merge 31-instrument-pixel-scale into main

Closes #31 (closed)

For each instrument it should be possible to compute the size of the pixel scale on the ground.

  • Add documentation example on a map with trajectory and projected FOV with a single colorbar.
  • Add documentation example of SpiceInstrument properties dump.


  • not all the instrument provide a IFOV parameter in their instrument kernels
  • the pixel scale need to be corrected on the ground when its not looking nadir
  • the pixel scale should return a NaN at the limb
  • display on the surface (with plot or add_collection) should provide the correct legend and colorbar

Known limitations:

  • The POLYGON field of view, we return a NaN value for the iFOV.

List of ik with issues:

  • juice_janus_v06.ti
  • juice_majis_v05.ti
  • juice_gala_v03.ti
  • juice_uvs_v03.ti
  • juice_pep_v10.ti
  • juice_rpwi_v02.ti (code error for JUICE_RPWI_RWI)
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